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Default Re: Sprocket question.

Hello, kevyleven007

below is a link to where you can get a 36T sprocket that is made for the standard bike chain, you will need to take one of your 44T sprockets and then lay the 36T sprocket on it flat so that you can align it perfectly with the outer edge on the 44T sprocket and then clampit down so that it is very secure and then you will ned to double check the alignment again befor eyou drill, if alignment is good then drill through the holes in the 44T spr. and create the needed bolt pattern in the 36T Spr. you will then also need to make the center hole larger as wellthis can be done several ways but the two easiest is to use a torch and cut the hole larger after you scribe it with an scratch awl or anything that will scratch a line in the 36t spr. so you will know where and what size the hole needs to be. you can also get a Bi-Metal Hole saw that can be used in a drill or in a drill press to drill out the hole larger, it wont matter if the hole is the same size exactly just as long as it is big enough to clear everything on the bike hub.

I dont know if you have the tools to do any of this or not, and if not I'm sorry I carried on so about all the details, but this is how I made my 36T sprocket I have on one of my bikes and it works great even with the 415 chain I have on it.

I hope this helps, but if not you maybe someone else will see this and maybe it will help them....

Good luck and I hope you can get things worked out ASAP!


Here is a link to the exact sprocket I ordered and drilled for mine.


Originally Posted by kevyleven007 View Post
boygofast has 41t sprocket kits(low quallity but runs good).all my other kits have a 44t sprocket.I have a question.Where can I find a 36t sprocket for a kit that uses a standard bike chain like the skyhawk kits?the sprockets that come with the hd 415 chains are too thick and I never have gotten a 36t sprocket yet so just wondering has anybody out there got any info on this.thanks
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