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Default Re: Sprocket question.

Yeah I think 44 is way too much unl;ess you ride trails or something. I switched to a 36- there's more speed at the top end, but more importantly- much less vibration at the speeds I want to cruise at- the motor isn't revving and vibrating nearly as much-

On the other hand I later got a 50 kit with a 41- it's almost broken in but I don't think it would pull much lower- I pedal it a little bit already to get going. I have a Gt 39 tooth billet aluminum sprock I think I'm going to drill some day and put on- mostly because of the weight loss- two less teeth will give a little more top end and the motor keeps running better with break in.

Thinner tires really help the roll if you aren't a real baloon tire enthusiast- I have a 27 x 1 1/14 on the front with a campy brake- 700 c wheels will usually clear a cruiser frame but require some careful measurments and it helps with cantilever brakes, because the back brake has to be very long-

the good news is that more longer brakes seem to be on the market more these days.

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