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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
I pulled some of it down today & fixed it. I have not ridden it yet. The chain was really jammed behind the wheel sprocket and wedged in the spokes. The chain was wadded up inside the counter-shaft space. If I had not grabbed the clutch when I heard the "CLACK" it would have broken the cases.

My disappointment still continues. I am thinking that this bike, will at best be a hobby bike and will never be dependable enough to be used as a daily rider. I want to just get on it and ride away. I am too old and too tired to want to constantly tinker with this thing. I like the looks, the sound and the attention it gets. But if I have to spend 1/2 an hour wrenching to take a little ride it is not worth it.
You are probably using the original junk Chinese chain.
Go to Myrons Mopeds in Fullerton and get a quality 415 chain.

My offer still stands and your bike can be made reliable. You are almost there.

If you want it fixed send me a PM with your phone #
I am close by to LB.

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