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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

The jug/cylinder in that pic has the same casting marks as the rest of these china made engines, the jugs are cast not machined... and I dont know what is being made out of that small block of aluminum in the other pics but it is for sure not a cylinder head or a cylinder/jug for your engine unless someone is making a jug from scratch that will be made in several pieces...

and if you are paying $350 for one of these chinese made engines you are getting ripped off sir.....!

No offense intended here but these bike engines are mass produced in china and I dont know why you are trying to convince anyone otherwise....


Thousands of these have been bought and sold by folks on this and other forums........and to my knowledge you are the first person that has ever had one "built in Australia", It makes little difference to me where an engine is built personally.

Could you please give us a link to where we can get one of these Australian built engines?

I'm sure some would rather spend their money there rather than China.... myself I just want to see who in Australia is selling these home land built engines and where we can get them if we deside we would rather pay $350 for something we can get elsewhere for $140 or so.

Below are some pics of the 's pics verses the pics of the engine we all have which can be bought at under $200 on ebay 24/7, notice how very different they aren't....?

I do believe is making some mods to some of their way over priced engines but the engine are not made by them, I am done with this at this point but I just wanted to show you some proof so you are not fooled into paying all that extra money for no good reason.

Peace & Happy safe MB-in fugirocksolid

Originally Posted by fugirocksolid View Post
The engine kit cost $350.

Heres pictures of the cylinder head being machined.

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