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Default Re: Sprocket question.

I weigh 200lbs and have a 36T on one of my Bikes, it cruises almost vibration free at 30-32 GPS-ed MPH and pulls the hills around here at 22-25+MPH, my engine has the manic ported intake and I took a few thousands off the head to boost compression, but it is otherwise stock other than custom clutch pucks and does great with the 36T set up with the many times critisized rag joint sprocket mount, which by the way has functioned flawlessly for almost 1000miles on my other bike.

Only have 345 miles on this engine so far and it just keeps on running better & better, the difference in how smooth it runs compared to how it was only 100 miles ago is very noticable, if it gets any better I'll be cruising smooth at 34-35MPH probably, but thats yet to be seen.
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