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Default Re: will my bike make it from dc to chicago

thanks for all the input

i think im going to go thru with this im still experimenting but it could be fun
i told my friend what i was doing and asked if he wanted to ride his motorized bicycle out there with me and i think hes still laughing in his sleep
SO im still looking for someone to ride with me
i took my bike out today from dc to a junk yard in baltomore about 45miles 90 miles round trip it did fine going but comming back i was pulling a bike trailer carring a transmission for my truck & tools ect and even tho i never made it out of 2 gear it pulled ok the shift kit held up ok but i think i may need a new clutch
(good thing im fixing my truck)

i think that was atleast 350lbs not including me and the weaght of the bike and i still avereged 20-25 mph on flat ground normaly i could get up to 35 in 4th if i had to i but that is just me an the bike think i may atleast try fritcion drive it seems like it may give me more tork (if it does not slip)

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