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Default It's time...

Well, I've saved up a tiny bit of money, I've read the crap out of every law related information that pertains to these motorized bikes. And I've read these forums front to back.

This is my first post. My name is Chris. I have a few bikes, me and my wife bike on nature trails... But I came across an old Dyno GT, 20" bike.

I've been looking around, and very few people use 20" bikes it seems. Seems most people, use MBs.

This is the exact bike I have, minus this guys custom paint he did... I still have the original paint job/stickers.

I want to use this frame bad. I ALWAYS wanted a Dyno when I was a kid, then when I finally came across one, I already had a 200-300$ Hoffman...
I'm worried if the Dyno will limit me on what engines I can use. But notice how the frame splits into 2 or 3 poles before the seat? Possible mounting spot?! Eh eh?

I've been looking into the Harbor Freight 2.5HP engine for a few reasons...
A: Weight
B: Horsepower
C: SUPPOSEDLY a reliable engine.

The few things I'm really looking far, are probably what everyones looking for when they make theirs... And that's- cost, dependability, and... Well that's about it for me :P
So is this HF 2.5hp engine dependable? I read reviews online, sounds like TONS of people even off these forums are using this engine. Some guy even stuck it on a go-cart, but he said at 40mph it fell apart.

I don't want to go 40mph, but 10-15mph uphill would be nice (without it breaking).

Work is 1/2 a mile away. So 1 mile daily use. Maybe more for cruising. There's a good hand full of people in my area who are riding these. By area, I mean - as I'm driving my car to work, there's a 50% chance I'm going to see one (or get stuck behind one if I'm in the right lane).

Plano cops have got to be ignoring them here in Texas. I've been seeing these for about a year now, and as I talk to coworkers, other people are seeing them too.

I want to be this guy:

I can probably fabricate anything I need, to make this work... Even if I use a rack on the back. Although I'd prefer it to be stealth between my legs if possible.
So whatcha think? 2.5hp HF? Or are there better china kits you'd suggest for the cost?

Ps. I'll be posting all my progress here even if I complete it in a day... I like pics, hope you guys do too.
(I'm frequently on forums, whether it be for my car, future cars that I want, or now bicycle forums :P)
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