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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Another valve stem failure for me. 5th this year. I'm bout ready to silicone my tire on the rim so the darn thing doesn't rotate on the rim. Doubled tires, thornproof tube, liner, 75 psi. Tire still rotates on the rim and ends up cutting valve stem. Gah. Bout to double up tubes, too.

Originally Posted by BiMoPed View Post
yakkin about the Greyhound...hmmmm...loose lips sink ships
and every good deed goes unpunished. Not so much fun.
Actually, the Greyhound itself never came up in the conversation. We were watching hockey (go Sharks!) and laughing at Kobe's latest controversy while wrenching on a new 2-stroke build and sucking down Shock Top.

Speaking of loose lips, you got a bit of Mick Jagger going on with his head out a window at 65. Add a couple riffs and you might have yourself a hit!
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