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Default Re: will my bike make it from dc to chicago

Actually the trips sounds about like one I took shortly out of highs school when I drove my VW out to the midwest to live with my bro for a bit. It was a 1974 VW unsure of the milage on it because the odemeter was sketchy, but I was the second owner, the first was an old hippie that had taken it across the US at least twice. By the time I was taking it from NH to MO it was a few years past its twentieth birthday. It was all original, except for the carb that I swapped out because I could never get the dual carb thing to sync up right. I got about 50 miles to the gallon of oil, (the engine had never been rebuilt, it did not run when I bought, but a new coil was all it needed and that and the carb was all I had into it for parts). I had to retime it twice, I did keep a timing gun in me tool kit, swapped plugs a couple of times, and discovered that yes the cops do pull you over if you are not doing the minimum speed on the interstate. A trip my brother usually did in about 20 hours of driving took my the better part of 5 days, but it was loads of fun, the stuff books are written about.

I mean DC to Chicago is pretty uneventful and could be down right dull, but do it on a motor bike and you will have something to tell your kids about. My uncle still reminisces about his cross country trek on his Vespa, and every time I hear the story I wish I could have been there.
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