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Default Re: futillity in motion or not

I thought Baird got you straightened out?
Too bad you didn't come to the recent El Dorado park ride in LB.

Hate to see you give up so easily....
Nothing wrong with the Jaguars and I am buying another one tomorrow.
there is no reason for the chain to keep coming off if correctly set up.

But if you will take $100 for it i'll take it off your hands LOL
Seriously, I offered before, bring it over and I will make it work.

Actually I just helped a guy finish his Jag 2 stroke build. It ran pretty
good but he had done an excellent job of centering the sprocket. I
just put the tensioner on, cut the chain and fixed his twisted motor
mounting job. Cut a bit off those too long thigh jabbing cow horn bars.
Also the chain tensioner needs to be tweaked a bit to align with the chain path.

Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
As some of you know I have been disappointed with my Schwinn Jaguar/Stinger motor pretty much from day one. I attributed some of it to the jag frame that is too small and the quality control of the Stingers components. All in all it is a nice looking set up but overall a disapoinment for me. I have not even had the bike out since I purchased my Towniee 3i. It is a beautiful spring day today here in Long Beach and I thought I would take the Jag out for a run. It started right up and in about a block I heard a familar "CLACK" that experience has tought me is the motor chain. So I pilled in the clutch lever too late and the chain jumped the sprocket. I lifted the rear wheel and lugged it home. I have decided that I am through with it. I have 2 nice pedal bikes and a sports car. I will make some body a good deal on this thing. If you are interested in it write me back. I want to keep the cushy seat and sprung seat post. I do have Schwinn seat & stem to go with it.

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