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Default Engine runs kinda "lurchy"

Thanks to everyone for the replies to my questions on the other thread, I appreciate the input. I have been "shaking out" the motorbike and adjusting here and there, I believe I will have it secured and properly adjusted in a year or two

I have noticed that my engine feels like it's lurching at low speed almost as if it is only firing on every other revolution, it seems to smooth out if I open the throttle more, I did fix my chain with a solid link and some light work with a dremel, and a hammer and dolly bar behind the chain so I could "peen" the little studs over, works good.. I understand that this is still a "bicycle" so I don't want to fly around at wide open throttle, putt putt, is cool with me... I live in a retirement community and alot of the people stand there with their hands on their hips wondering what the "farg" just went by.... any help on this lurching issue?... ;thanks
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