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Default Why I Started This Motor Bicycle Forum

i love motor bicycling. it is a passion to me and wanted to get involved to help spread the word about this wonderful form of recreation. some sites people don't feel comfortable posting on, others like me like big pictures to look at and not click on links. i am not competing with anyone i am just doing something i enjoy doing with a different style. everyone is welcome here. nothing wrong with belonging to multiple sites which i do and also many others. its all about the fun of riding a motorized bicycle and sharing knowledge, learning from others, meeting new friends and having fun with something you enjoy. i hope you all enjoy the site and just wanted to welcome you to if you have questions or need help posting pictures or anything else just ask. this is a members forum not mine and that is why we have the contests and things like that for moneys taken in from the forum i like to give back to the members or invest on things to make the forum better. we are all doing this together and all input will be deeply appreciated. if something is not appropriate i will remove it and let you know via pm why i did and not embarrass you in public forum. so post away and do not worry about making a mistake i know i sure have made my fair share of mistakes. its all about helping each other. enjoy and glad you stopped by

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