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Originally Posted by ferball View Post
There is a jet bike out there, look for it on you tube it is wicked cool. It looks like you would need to be insane to ride it though.
I looked & found out Frank wasn't kidding; there are actual pulse jet bicycles out there! Amazing, if a bit loud.

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
Cool ideas. Sterling engines were mainly used for water pumps, fans and things with very low power requirements. Maybe you can get mega power yield from one with a new design. Keep us posted.
You're right. This would be a small boost, more of a novelty than anything else. Unless of course it were paired with a battery & electric motor like Dean Kamen is working on. This is what got me looking at other designs, like the nutating disc; that would have some punch to it, though it would be much more challenging to design & build. OTOH, it could run on steam!
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