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Default Wooden It Be Nice?

Well guys, I have an interesting idea that I must share with all of you. For several years now I have wanted to build my own wood gasification unit but I had no excuse for it. Now I think I have an excuse I have a nice schwinn cruiser with a HF 79cc greyhound, and a Q-matic. Given this big, smooth, 4 stroke setup, I think it's time that I ditch gasoline and run on wood pellets. No, I'm not a genius or a pioneer (well I might be a genius but that's a totally different story), this is a technology that existed since WWII and probably earlier. When the Nazis caused gas shortages many Europeans, especially Scandinavians switched to wood power. The idea of this system is that you have a fuel hopper and a glowing hot area below the hopper that is starved for oxygen so it makes a mix of flammable gases. 50% nitrogen, 27% carbon monoxide, 14% hydrogen, 4.5% CO2, 3% methane, and .6% oxygen. The non-flammable gases of this mixture do account for some power loss. There is also much less energy in this mix than in gasoline, so power and speed are cut roughly in half. The advantages are that it will be a really cool thing to talk about, a fun thing to ride, and at likely over 30 miles per pound with the size of the engine I'm using, it won't be too expensive either (a 40lb bag of wood pellets is available for around $6 and will get me a total of over 1000 miles. To do this build I am going to work on making a bolt-on system I can put on the back of my bike and run it on gasoline in the mean time. It is a quite complex system to make, and pretty heavy, but I have faith I can do it and make it work. It will take a lot of dump metal and lucky curb finds, a lot of tubing, and a lot of valves, plus a really strong 6v fan. I'm up for the challenge. And yes, instead of talking about pride and prejudice in my college sem class, I drew this, I hope you can read what I wrote
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