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Default Re: will my bike make it from dc to chicago

I did some long distance touring when I was a wee bit younger on my LeMond touring pedal bike; BRAN, Tour'deNebraska and a few others from Lincoln to the Sand Hills in western NE, Valentine. Back on the CowboyTrail across the Northern part of the state down through Sioux City to Lincoln took me approximately a month to make the whole ride that was over 1100 miles. From Lincoln to St. Louis and back about 3 weeks 650miles about each way. I pulled a Bob's trailer with about 35-40lbs of gear there are a lot of elements that come into play on these kind of trips. Such as heat, head winds, rain, and whatever else MotherNature can deal out. I averaged about 60 miles on a good day. Camped out most of the time lived on MRIs took showers in a car wash, and just enjoyed the scenery. You gotta make sure your bike is in top notch shape and if you don't have a good seat on it your day of riding doesn't last very long.
On my motor bike Chicago built steel frame hybrid, Stanton rack mounted inside drive Robin Subaru powered, heavy duty tires and wheels, saddletanks,3 gallons. Do not like those cheesy kit bar tanks. This is a different riding you cannot or not supposed to ride the trails you'll have to ride secondary roads ride in traffic and some undesirable motorists will try to make your day. You don't have to bring the kitchen sink along but you'll have to have spare parts and tools to work with. You may be able to average a few more miles per day but MotherNature is always the same.
Make sure you take your credit card and cell phone.
Have a good trip.

25% of all motor bikes are on the road, the other 75% are at home in the shop getting fixed.
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