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Smile Hey, Gang,

I'm Jitenchakun. It kinda means "Bicycle-Boy" in Japanese, though I'm a native of California. (I just like Japanese culture too.)

I'm a big bicycle rider! Actually, I've always been a pure "sweat & muscle" cyclist, but now, since I'm a mechanical designer & a machinist, I wanna get creative. I wanna build crazy cool stuff, like a recumbent with a stirling engine in the back, or maybe even a nutating disk engine that runs on steam. Lots of ideas.

I'm here looking for wisdom & inspiration. Where can I read up on augmenting a pedal-driven system with motor-power in a smooth & efficient manner? Has anyone built a steam-aided cycle? What about chemical rocket boosters? (Is that over the top? :P)

In any case, I've already been finding good info here since this morning. I look forward to hearing thoughts from all of you with more experience than me.


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