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I have the 66/80 Flying Horse. It is in a 15 yr old Raleigh mountain bike frame. I have also recently upgraded to the CNS racing carb. The old bike frame was 20+ year old heavy steel frame with steel rims. The "new" frame is aluminum with aluminum rims. The old bike would just barely hit 30mph on the flat and there was a lot of vibration. With the new frame and other changes I can easily cruise at 35. This really feels plenty fast enough for me. Everything rolls smooth with no vibrations at all. My top speed on a bicycle was on RAGBRAI last year on my Trek road bike. (yes I am a spandexter) I hit 50mph on a downhill and it was the scariest thing I have done on a bike. If I wanted to go that fast on a MB, I would just buy a motorcycle.
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