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Default Re: will my bike make it from dc to chicago

virginian i may take you up on that 100 to 150 mile trail run

i mapquested it and google maped it and its very possable to do with out any hwy driving
but i do think its going to take more than two days but im not in a rush

ive had a lot of the 2 cycle and the 4 cycle with shifter kits an without and i know the 2 cycle will never make it but the 4 cycle should but will the friction drive pull all that with out slipping ive never owned a friction drive be4 i thought i would use a shifter kit to keep my rpm down on long flat roads

how fast does one of those friction drives go

where can i get one from dax is out of them

do they slip in the water

whats the diffence in the small roller an the big roller

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