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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The Tanaka 3-piece pipe arrived! Yay!

I wasted no time trial fitting. Pictures should've been taken of the 47R with HT expansion pipe first, then the black Powerkart pipe, then the shiny chrome 3-piece pipe.
I'll have my son take pics of the bike with each pipe on it.

As expected, the chrome head pipe also fits the Powerkart pipe. If necessary, the chrome pipe could also be made to connect to the HT expansion chamber. This would be the tightest, cleanest fit, but less power I presume.

Of course nothing fits perfectly. None of the mounting brackets will work. The most outrageous fit is the chrome pipe. The fat chamber is where my thigh should be. I'll have to cock my left leg almost 90 degrees to use this pipe. Luckily no need to pedal start. Pull start string pulls between pipe and engine, but the pull start handle slips back in place with a half inch clearance. The silencer loops nicely in between the Scooter guy rear supports and points towards the seat tube.

Black Powerkart pipe fits tighter. However, pipe and silencer point the same direction and needs hose to connect to the silencer.

HT chamber fits tight to the frame. An "S-pipe" would connect the larger head pipe.

I had a chance to start the engine. This new pipe sounds MUCH quieter than the HT expansion chamber, It is also MUCH MUCH quieter than the stock OEM 47R muffler. Even at high rpm, it's pretty quiet, even with no exhaust gasket.
Honey, it's just a bicycle. and i REALLY need it to excercise, and to ride it to work.(hehe)

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