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Default HA! HA! I FouuunD YOOOUUUU!!!!

So this is wher all the realy cool people have been hidding EH? Apparently iv ebeen clueless about one of lifes true pleasures untill now,at age 40.Well better late than never so they say ,right? (or was that better in than out?) Hmmmn.
Anyways.I had no idea these motors where out there and have been for so long realy or there is such a huge market and following for them either.YOU people help reinstill my faith in humanity as a whole.Ive been putting motors on almost everything i could in my spare time since i was a a kidat age 10 tearing apart my dads new lawn mower so i could build me a go cart. (man all these years later the memory still hurts thinking about it).Usualy all my efforts have ever gotten me where police chases and alot of neighbors that diddnt like me and all my noisy death machines.HA! But here it is ,my own paradise.HELLO EVERYONE OUT THERE FROM LOMITA ,SO.CAL.SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO FIND YA ALL<TRAFFIC HERE IS CRAZZZZZY!!!
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