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Default Re: Excuse me, m'am, but this ain't what I ordered...

Originally Posted by "the prussian" Shop Dogs View Post
I NEVER use the studs that come with kits, there junk . Most of the upgrade kits out there are quality , i just hit an ace and just trim down m6x1.0 hex cap bolts to do the job. But thats just me.
Never used sbp kit , sure someone else has.
I've ordered from SBP, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Their engine mounting hardware is ROCK solid. They stock rather high quality parts. Prices are good for what you get. I trust SBP, Pirate, DAX, Venice, and a handful of others that I have bookmarked. Given time I could probably put forth a short list of companies that I trust with my money, and my well being - since my purchase will likely be mounted to a bike I'll be riding.

I have something against buying parts that are TOO cheaply made. When you're cruising down a busy street at near 30 mph, you don't want to be wondering about the quality of an important part.

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