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Smile Greetings From BlueCollarBike

Greetings From BlueCollarBike

My residence Is Avon Connecticut
I'm addicted to Motorcycles. I love Building ,repairing And of course Ridding them.

For the past 6 years i have Been building Motorized Bicycles .
due to the recent gas price increase My vender Became greedy and decided to just about double the Price of the kits.
To combat this problem.
First I tried the economical EBay Route , but became frustrated after many of the kits I ordered where missing head gaskets ,Broken head bolts, Missing gaskets.And broken rings.
And speaking to the Vender required a translator.

Then i decided to spend a bit more $$ and go with Reputable vender that Spoke very good English And could be contacted by phone .He had great customer service .

The kits where better
( complete and not assembled in someone's basement)

but sometimes it would take close to 3 weeks from ordering to receive the kits.
That was just to long for me to wait.

To insure prompt shipping time and good quality kits For my Motorized Bicycle Builds
I decided To put the money up And Sell The Extra motor kits At the Lowest price Possible .

The response Has been Good.
MY wife ( Carmen) Answers the phone taking orders in the evening and puts all the boxes in the mail. and Grandpa Rick ( my right hand man and extremely anal and meticulous ) has been doing many of the Builds.
We have enjoyed the excitement from the emails and phone calls not to mention the visits From the Customers After they successful complete their first Motorized Bicycle Build.

I hope To contribute To the Forum.

Thank you for having Me

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