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Default Re: Hi from New Jersey! (Whizzer NER)

Hi Marluzkat.
Understand that I have not registered/titled my bike in NJ yet. Bike has only 3 miles on it (going up and down the driveway, etc after adjustments, etc. Also, haven't had time to study for the motorcycle permit test, etc but what with our gas prices spiking crazy guess I'll have to get off my duff! This is the way I see it after going back to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commision website:
1. Mopeds must meet 4 of the following conditions to be considered a moped:
a. be classified as a pedal bicycle (yes, that qualifies our Whizzers)
b. have a motor with less then 50 cc's (disqualifies our Whizzers, being 138 cc)
c. cannot have more then 1.5 brake horsepower (disqualifies our Whizzers,
on my title from Whizzer USA the title states it has 1.95 hp. Yours should be the same as mine)
d. Maximum speed cannot be greater then 25 mph on a flat surface (well, it could or maybe couldn't disqualify us)
So, we will have to register our little Whizzer as a motorcycle, which means you will need to get a motorcycle permit/license/road test or an approved motorcycle safety course. Actually this is not bad as you may think. From what I've seen on a lot of posts are stories of a lot of people being stopped by police in other area of the country because they are carrying moped plates when in fact a lot should be running motorcycle plates with the required mc license. Yeah, it's a lot of extra money to NJ for a mc license but, hey, that little endorsement can then allow you to try one of them new nifty Royal Enfields that are becoming popular in the country.
Finally, on the MVC website is a list of approved motorcycle/scooter/motorbike manufacturers and our Whizzer manufacturer (at least for my NER) Chyong Horng Ent Co Ltd is listed as an approved manufacturer so there should be no problem going up to the counter and getting your bike titled. Not sure what Whizzer you have, but somewhere on the front steering tube will be the mfg id plate that will list the manufacturer of your bike. Again, understand that I have not gone to MVC as of yet, but the facts remain pretty simple to me: Whizzer at 138 cc and 1.95 hp is a motorcycle in the state of NJ. Hope this is of help for you. What part of NJ are you at? I'm in Florence Twp, 10 miles south of Trenton, close by the Delaware River side of the state. What kind of Whizzer do you have?
Take Care,
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