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Default Re: bought a replacement engine and it wont start.

if you didn't drain the engine for winter storage it is more than probable that the gas in the engine ate through the cheap crap gasket paper, and that your situation could be one of lack of compression. The gunked up spot where the hole is was plugged then gave way, leading to first a loss of power then no turnover at all. Replace the gasket on the bottom of the jug and see what happens.. Also,change out the cheap stock bolts. Sick Bike Parts has a good replacement kit for this.. I have made it a habit on all my builds to a)swap out all hardware (nuts/bolts) with stronger higher grade stuff and b)take stock gaskets off and clean parts then replace those gaskets with higher grade ones. and c) clean out that gas tank before firing the kit up as a lot of times there's junk/rust in there that can clog your flow..
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