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Lightbulb Can am proto

So after being told it can't be done , i finaly have enough of a frame to post a few pics and hope to get some input from forum.see next post for pic links.

As some of the boys(snork) in the club get older , the ideas of trikes started getting thrown around. Some good ,most bad comments were heard out but the one that stuck with me was " to bad we can't build a frame like that can am there super stable and look cool , but YOU'LL never be able to make one"
Well i didn't say anything ( those of you who know me know how hard that was!) and went home and started digging in my metal scrap. I know the neibhors hate looking at my junk pile ,but why ever throw metal away?
The front spar is recycled from a homemade recumbent , first hurdle crossed,the rear triangle is from a street found bike (some 80s era huffy) and the other frame bars are from an old exersice machine & hammock stand.

I love mock up's . I tack everything together and sit with a cold beer and stare at it after everyone has left the shop for the night, sometimes for hours letting
ideas run in and out of my febble little mind. Next day i'll prob pull it all apart and start over , but it's a process right.
Anyway so far so good , frame didn't snapp when i sat on it anyway. Getting held up on sterring a little ,plan to use push pull cables on a pivot . The bar will push up and down left or right not turn. The hope is this system will force rider to lean into turn by virtue of body poss.
All systems were go till I looked up the price of cables I wanted to use ($300) yikes!!! So still looking for sterring comp.
It's very comfortable to sit on and will have some footboards off main spar allowing for two riding positions when done.
Prob use a rebuilt gt-5 china girl , in an attempt to stay legal in IL. And not sure how gas tank is gona work yet? Was tossing aroind the idea of putting gas in a front farring of some kind?
So what have I over looked or just plain haven't thought of ?
Looking forward to any input ,good ,bad ,or indefferent. Being able to bounce ideas off the forum is one of my favorite things about this site .
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