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Default Re: titan dax motor,what is it??

thanks guys. I had already figured it out half an hour ago. before i saw the latest posts, dam i thought i was going to beat you lot. still yes you could do it just by turning the engine around carb at the front, exaust to the rear, and you would only need 2 gears in the box. not 3. the engine main shaft would be fitted to the gearbox cog going anti clockwise and the gear to the left turning clockwise. driving the crank sprocket forwards, simple things are when you know how. using dax gearbox, which seems reasonable at $22.95 i think the price was. gets around the rubbish hoot gearboxes. but mine seems to be working ok and quite, as it uses 2 sprockets in the box 9 tooth and a 27 tooth chain driven, with a 11 tooth drive sprocket front and 48 tooth on the rear wheel. could do with a stronger clutch though, they are weak.

Now how can we make this turned around engine a better fit in a bikes frame,?? yes it may stick out a little, but no worse than what we have at the moment, i have bruises on my left knee peddaling, trying to get my leg around that large hoot gearbox. thanks for your input guys.

now how can we make this idea a better fit in the bike frame, and lower,???

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