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Cool Re: titan dax motor,what is it??

The engine is just mounted backwards, the exhaust is to the rear, the carb is in front. The engine still runs ccw, but since it's turned around, it runs the right direction on the right side. Nothing magical there. It looks to be a very lame set-up, I think you'ld be better off with a friction front wheel drive....and that's not sayin much.

Originally Posted by mirage View Post
to scotto, read the letter again, when i said clockwise. i was thinking as looking at the engine from the right side, as i said if we could turn the parts around. look up on youtube, thatsdax forward mounting top of frame mount. and you will see where i am coming from. sorry if i did not make it clear.

as for the solex mention. go to velosolex velo solex to read the latest news. pity it is a 2stroke though. But interesting to see what the british gov. does about it. could work for us. or against us.

if it is a huasheng engine dax are using, how did they get the carb and exaust. the opposite way around, and still have the drive sprocket turning clockwise, looking at it from the right side scotto.
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