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Cool Re: titan dax motor,what is it??

Originally Posted by mirage View Post
I want to know how they got the drive to the right side of the engine, the P.T.O is turning clockwise, and driving the crank sprocket, why are we bothering with jackshafts, when this simple idea is here, it has a neat 5 to 1 reduction box, fits our huasheng and honda 50,s apparently.

but drive gear sticking out in the wrong direction for most of us. Is it possible to turn our engines gearboxes, and clutch, and pull starter, to the opposite side. IE working off the same engine drive shaft??

as the drive, is obviously still turning clockwise?? using thats dax freewheel crank kit. and a 10 tooth drive sprocket, no freewheel needed here. down to a 44 tooth wheel at the crank. any ideas??
I have no idea as to what dax titan you are referring to as a dax titan is a Huasheng engine and PTO is counter clockwise on the left hand side, not clockwise???????
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