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Default Re: How to fool the inspector?

No Hondas are made in Taiwan, do not believe too much of what you read online.
The Honda 50 is one of the few CARB compliant motors for CA.
The GX 35 s are made in Thailand in a world class Honda factory.
no motors I know of say their HP on them.

Huasheng says 49.4 cc and are only EPA approved.

For the rest of you that are following along a DAX Titan is just a Huasheng
with his label stuck on it and they are 49.4 cc too even though DAX claims
48.8 cc on his website so he can fool the laws in Colorado and be under 49 cc. LOL

Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
I went out today and took the Honda out of the box for the first time. Although when I bought it from Small Engine Warehouse they advertized it as 2.5HP, and the specs on their site said 2.5, it's not on the engine anywhere I could see. The tag did show the displacement as 49C cubed. It also had manufactured in Japan on it. I remember reading somewhere on this site that some are made in Tiawan. The operators manual I got with it was in Deutsch, Nederlands, and Italiano, no Englisch.
It does have pictures and arrows pointing out the various features such as the kraftstoffeinfullverschluss which I'm thankful for.

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