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Default Re: bought a replacement engine and it wont start.

NO fuel or NO spark or WRONG timing or NO air.....!

The glubglubglubglub......... you spoke of tells me you must have compression, the only other basic things you need for an engine to run is listed above.

Take the small screw that is on the very bottom of the fuel bowl out and then turn on the valve at tank and see if you get a good flow of gas.

Take off the side cover that covers the ignition coil and check the wires very closely for any possible nicks that could cause it to ground out and kill the current to the CDI.

If all of this is correct and the wires to the CDI are hooked up right then, I say with that ignition side cover off I would take the flywheel nut loose and remove the flywheel to make sure it doesnt have a sheared Key, if it does then your timing is off and even though you may have Fuel, Spark, & Air it will never run if that key is sheared and the timing is wrong.

If everything I have listed here is right that engine will run....

Hope some or all of this may help, Good luck!


I know you feel like this now but it will get better, just hang in there!
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