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Default Baby's First Motor in Milwaukee, WI/Marquette, MI

What's up, fellas? Name's Thunderhead, and I hail from the ridiculous weather capitol of the world, Marquette, MI. Presently, I live in Milwaukee, WI at my folks' house, working nights and saving dough for a yet-to-be-decided-upon adventure. I went to college for two years at Northern Michigan University, and after two years of major switching, I decided it'd be best if I spent some time away from educationland and figure out some things that I actually like to do. Thus far, I've figured out that I'm not a big fan of dishwashing or working a stockroom.

Far as I can remember, I've always liked things with two wheels. My trusty steed, a 1992 Haro Blaster, carried me all around the many towns I'd moved through as a kid, and from there I moved on to Stingrays and mountain bikes, started building bikes in my dorm at college, and began to fall in love with the IDEA of motorcycling after I met a fun fellow with a Honda CBR550 that turned my eyeballs pretty green.

And so I'm here. I bought a JAWA Babetta 207 moped (an exemplary piece of Iron Curtain Engineering that promptly broke down.... well... disassembled.) I knew very little about engines, and still not enough to fix the old thing. Partly due to a lack of parts available, partly due to a nonexistant manual and/or support for the engine online or otherwise, and mostly due to my lack of confidence and knowledge, it's still sitting in my pops' garage, looking sad. Now, for the brief time I had it running, I enjoyed immensely all the zipping around and jumping off curbs and scaring the dogs. So now, I've decided to teach myself how to build an engine, and what better way to do it than with a kit that's supported by such a following? I've been lurking on this forum for a long, long time, ogling all your bikes, and it's about time I got up to building one.

IF that wasn't long enough to tell you my story, I'd better shut up or get published.

On a side note:
What I ordered from BikeBerry: "Flying Horse" Slant Head Engine Kit, universal U-mounts. Ordered replacement hardware at SBP, extra petcock (intend to make my own tank - the stock one is a little cheesy.)

What I got: A Grubee Skyhawk kit, not sure if slanted or not. Is this normal to get a different engine, and if it isn't, should I be worried? I don't want to send it back - it took long enough to get here. What are the significant differences between the Skyhawk and the Flying Horse?

Whatever it is, I'm just really excited to build this thing. And if this isn't the place to discuss this, I think I'll start another thread just in case.

Most Sincerely:
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