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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

No offense intended......... but I wouldn't believe that one if I were you, these engines are made completely in China and that is why they are so cheap and roughly built, if all the machining on these engines was done in Australia or the USA they would cost probably three times as much, these would be $350-$400+ kits and not $150.

I actually hope and pray that the workmanship and quality of Australia and other western world countries never stoops to the workmanship and quality of the Chinese product they peddle to the rest of the world.

looks to me like you got a good ole Happy Time (HT) China Girl Kit, and have it working well, nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn't ever tell anyone it's made in your country, I know for a fact that Australians take much more pride in their work than what goes into these China built engines, but as I always say they are cheap and low tech but a good bang for the buck when we get a good-un set up right.

Happy Riding.....!


Originally Posted by fugirocksolid View Post
All the machining is done in australia, and the engines are assembled here. Some parts are imported sure, but there machined here.

Just what ive been told
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