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Default Hi from New Jersey! (Whizzer NER)

Helllo Everyone,
Greetings from the Garden State! I bought my Whizzer NER new in the summer of 2009. Not soon afterwards the reviews for this model started coming in. It seems it has a lot more factory built-in quirks to this model that the NE5 didn't have. Well, since it's been sitting in the garage since I bought her (I learned NJ requires a motorcycle license which I presently don't have) I think it's time to get it roadworthy. I'm looking forward to joining this forum, and I'm sure with owning a late model Whizzer that there will be plenty of questions! My goal is to make this machine as bullet proof as possible, CVT drive system not withstanding.
And with the price of gas now ugly and getting worse, having a motorbike on hand is kind of a hedge against the oil speculators and gougers/thieves.
Looking forward!
Mike Notigan
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