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Default Hi from Down Under

Hello all, I am so glad to have found this forum. I'm finding so much good info already.

I bought an F80 motor kit on the web last night, and am waiting eagerly for its arrival. I just need to find a cheap treadly to fit it to now.

Thanks to everybody for posting so much good info. Things I might never have though about, like cleaning out the gas tank with ballbearings or chain links before using, and using the original gaskets as templates and making high quality ones myself. And great advice about fitting the kit properly.

Hopefully I wont ask many n00b questions, as it looks like all the answers are already here

*edit* and I dont really mean cheap bicycle, just cheap for what it is..I am after a hardtail MTB with disc brake front. But finding the template from here to size up potential treadlys is great. Front disc, because I ride in all weather(and like stopping in the wet), and can retrofit a v-brake rear.

So i just have to go shopping for my list:

Suitable bicycle
Decent gasket paper
high tensile M6 thread and bolts
Good quality sparks plug and lead
+ of course a top notch D-lock so I can ride home

and prolly have to hit up an exhaust/muffler shop to get mount clamps that fit these new style mtb frames

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