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Default New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

I recently purchase a Rock Solid Engine kit (70cc) and a Fugi Nevada 4.0 to mount it to.
It took some heckling to formulate some custom mounts (mainly u-bolts and frame drilling) Though I still have some questions.
My first is, when riding, do other peoples bikes sound like the chain is going crazy? My chain is a little loose, but doesn't come off.
The problem is I cant use the tensioner unless its in a specific spot, otherwise it derails the engine chain.
The engine is straight but the tensioner isnt.... nor can i seem to get it straight.

When riding at high speeds, does your bike vibrate a fair bit? Its mainly bars, Ill use some bike tube to fix it, but just wandering.

How much of a performance gain is from a pipe? Ive ridden on motors before with pipes, but not motorized bikes.
Do you get the power bands? like that boost of power at certain rpms.

Questions asside now, Id like to say the Rock Solid Engine is amazing.
Deadset, straight out of the box, after maybe 5km's, it can climb hills that seem impossible, with ease.
For anyone in Australia, Id recommended this engine highly. Its made in australia and seems un beatable.
Its 40kph at stock, even before running in.

Heres some pics, and cheers for the help.
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