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Default Hello from Erie, PA

Hello, I'm Andrew.

I'm a 35 year old father of 4 who is going to start his first motor assisted bicycle build.

I just today purchased TWO Op Roller bikes for $80 new at Wally-world.
They were half off a reduced price due to them being outside during a remodel of the store (some surface rust on the steel parts, and a few nicks on the paint)

I plan on a Piston bikes Grubee 48cc kit for one, and possibly a 66cc kit for the other.

I'm not interested in speed, as I live about 3miles from work. I am looking at $4+ for gas and my car being bored, stroked, and blown. I'd rather ride to work and sip gas than burn $50 plus a week on premium gas.

Any experienced fat frame center mount builders who have words of wisdom, or, anyone in the Erie, Pa local who want's to meet, give me a yell.

I'll try to post up progress pics starting tomorrow, depending on the weather and my motivation.
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