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Wink Re: Fantastic speedway bike rack?

Years ago I built a trailer hitch mount rack to use on the VW Cabriolet I had at the time. I built it to carry 3 light Mt. Bikes and didn't even use a welder for was all just bolted together. Well just yesterday I broke it out to use for the haul to Death Race. This will allow us to bring 2 additional motorized bikes to the race. So in order to have some peace of mind, I welded some additional braces and tacked the whole thing up for the added weight. The rack cost me nothing as I made it out of stuff laying around and used Dad's welding rods and welder. It ain't pretty, but I think it will do the job.

The hangers that the bikes will rest on were made from 5/8" all-thread that I heated and formed the bends. They are bolted to the rack frame which I crafted from lengths of galvanized 3/16" channel inside of some smaller channel that fit inside the other to form a box channel by bolting them together. The hardest part was sliding the thin vinyl tubing over the all-thread for frame protection, then I slid hot water pipe insulation over that for extra protection.
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