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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle book ?

Originally Posted by BGRooster1 View Post
Silverbear . Take a pill . I asked a simple question .
Some people still like a book to read and can't always have an internet connection available. Simple question , looking for a simple answer .
I believe what Silver Bear is saying is that a book, no matter how comprehensive, is essentially a 'snap shot' of how things actually are. This hobby is ever changing and evolving to the point that a published book will only give you a look at how things are at the moment the writer finished his effort. That's depending on the author's experience.
Innovation is what keeps this hobby alive and well. Relying one one person's 'opinions' is a narrow focus that you'd be better off to avoid. If a book is what you need then go for it but you'll find quickly that what you read today might well be 'old hat' tomorrow.
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