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Default Hey im new..need some help finding engine!

whats up everybody!
my name is dave, and i have a good beach cruiser which i want to hook up with probably a nice 66cc 2stroke engine....
seems like there are little options out there, and ordering engines from the UK or China seems kinda shady and expensive*(at 200 bones + 50 shipping, before time and labor)!!
IDK much about this area, all i know is I WANT IN!!
i live with my girlfriend, and we used to carpool to work, until i got laid off...
now im going back to school for my degree, and could really use a motorized bicycle to get from point A-B.

So, my question is: where can i find a DECENT engine kit for my beach cruiser, which is not going to cost me more than $200?

I've seen some online on sites such as ebay for 120ish...but everytime i look at them, all i can notice is how cheesey the sites look....IDK, maybe im prejudice because i do a little web design on the side...?? But im no pro, and i can tell, that neither are most companies out there when it comes to web presentation!!

i would love to pick up a decent kit for around 120-150 if possible....
i know a 48cc would be great power to weight ratios compared to tomos mopeds i rode years ago, but honestly, with the minimal fuel consumption of these engines, i KNOW i would always be thinking-"what if i had 66cc's instead of 48?"

So you see, i love speed and performance, and so long as the engine has no markings, i have NO PROBLEM lying to a police officer if i happen to get stopped for any reason.

I've been through alot of legal bullshiznit in the past, and im to the point where i want to be legit, but if theres no way of telling that i have an additional 18ccs or so, i dont see why anyone would want 48....know what i mean?

IDk....please give me any feedback you have!!! i am a future rider in need!!
thanks all,
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