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Default Re: WTB Brass & Glass Fuel Filter

Thanks Blues88s

msrfan is defo right, it's turned out to be a very effective filter w/little to no restriction - even when mungy. The local fuel station has a serious problem with contaminants, after a few months I showed the manager the inside of my (then new) tank which was now lined with lots of soft black flecks. Those combined w/the goo & trace amounts of water trapped in the filter bowl & the fact that's the only station I get fuel from caused us to theorize they're likely suffering hose/pump deterioration, probably from the ethanol content.

A regular in-line filter would work just as well ofc, but it'd need to be replaced relatively frequently & wouldn't stop the water. The glass bowl type is ofc cleanable - but it is heavy and somewhat large. I originally got it simply to "match" the vintage bike, but have learned to appreciate it for far more than that lol, like the built in fuel shut off.
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