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Default Re: motor out of box,,, any cause for alarm

Man a year ago most everyone was making it a point to tell all the newbie builders to do this simple mod for a good solid mount of the tensioner and now it's a last resort..............Wow! how things have changed since I was away for a while, of coarse this is no big deal but I just dont understand the concern with the small hole through one side of that tubing which will do nothing but give a sloid mount and insure the tensioner stays where it should instead of the chance of it twisting over into the wheel spokes......

I'm not wanting to fuss over this at all, but my goodness this is the best mod that can be done with the stock tensioner and I dont understand all the negative thought about it.

But like I said to each their own, I know this is an excellent mod to insure a safe tensioner mount, but I do believe the best solution is just to make a better tensioner or do away with it all together, but when I know someone will be using the stock one I will always highly recommend this mod. to me it's about safety more than anything, and i would hate to hear of someone getting hurt real bad because of the tensioner moving into the wheel.


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Oh I missed that.

I wouldn't drill that pin all the way through, but into just the outside shouldn't be a big problem. I'd consider it a last resort, though.
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