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Default Re: motor out of box,,, any cause for alarm

To each there own, but a 1/8" hole in an area that has little to no stress on it isn't a big deal, and I will drill a frame in this way or tell someone else to everytime someone brings up this tensioner issue simply because it has been proven to work and it is one of the very best ways to insure that the tensioner will not get torqued over into the wheel, that small hole absolutely takes nothing away from the strength of the bike frame.

But, some are willing to take this risk and some like myself are not, please understand I aint slinging mud here, I am just convinced from my personal experience that this is one of the easiest ways to insure a 99% guarrantee on that tensioner not moving and causing someone a bad wreck or at least cause them to trash a wheel.

I'm sure there are those who dont add the anchor screw and have had no issues, but I have read several stories of those who have and as of yet I have not heard of any stories where someone had the tensioner clamped properly and pinned and had the rotating into the spokes failure, just good insurance and takes nothing away from the bike at the same time, I am much more concerned about the factory welds on some of these bikes than I would be that tinny screw pinning that tensioner solidly in place...


Only my personal opinions on the matter...nothing more.....nothing less!

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i dont like the idea of drilling a frame, but that's just my opinion.
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