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Default Re: Welding newbie need advice

The biggest advantage is the cleanleness of the weld bead. Flux core wire leave slag that must be chipped away and splatter that makes for an ugly weld. The inert gas, in the case of a MIG is C-25, or an Argon/CO2 mix forms a shield around the arc that keeps oxidation away making for a cleaner, and some will say a stronger weld.
The advantage of a gasless machine, flux core, is that it can be easily transported and makes the welder a more portable machine. They're popular with people who work in the field, farmers, construction workers, oil field guys, etc. where they can just grab the box, haul it off a truck and run it from a generator without having to haul around a compressed gas cylinder to do their welding.
In truth, the welds generated from a gasless machine are no worse than a standard arc (stick) welder when it comes to a nice looking, clean weld. An accomplished welder can do equally strong welds with either a gasless (flux core wire) or a gas shielded machine.
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