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Default Re: motor out of box,,, any cause for alarm

No you dont have to use a tensioner at all if tthe rear sprocket is centered perfectly and you can adjust the rear wheel so that the chain has proper tension without needing a tensioner, sometime you can then put a tensioner on the peddle side chain just to take up any extra slack it may have, some like that setup better and actually this is how I plan to do my next build.

expect to have to work out a bug or 2 before everything is just like you want it but just listen to all the bike smarts you are hearing here and you will be buzzing that sucker around sounding like a coffee can full of mad bumble bee's in no time.

I wish you happy building and safe riding........

Originally Posted by bill gurreri View Post
do i need a tesioner if im cutting the the chain cutter in the mail today,made new intake gasket w/ high temp gasket material, debured intake,replaced and loctite intake. pickin up the gt-2 at fed ex. ( hate waiting so i'm picking it up)....can't wait....gigidy.
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