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Default Re: New Ride Huffy Karaoke Rat Rod

i don't see any secondary brakes on there so it must be just the coaster.. Have your donor card ready at that point, because IT **WILL** FAIL.. Coasters don't provide stopping power needed on a 48cc let alone a 66cc, and if that's all you're using and you're jamming on it, it's only a matter of time before the whole thing seizes up on you and you have no brakes. This isn't meant to be harsh or derogatory, just speaking from past experience and a trip to the hospital. At the least the coaster will seize up and you'll need a new brake and new bearings /hub.. at worst you hit the brakes hard and the pedal side chain snaps (like mine did) and you wind up having to hit something nice and soft like a Hyundai (like I did) to stop as you have no brakes left and are going 25-30 mph.

get yourself a set of calipers (at least) on that thing before you start opening her up on the road..
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