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Default Re: bought a replacement engine and it wont start.

alright heres some more details. i bought the bike used off some1 before winter and used it like 5 times and everything was perfect. I went to tighten my exhaust bolts for maintenance before a ride and the bolt snapped and i basically had to get a new cylinder body but instead i got a replacement engine.

i installed the engine onto the bike, took my old sparkplug carb n what not and put it all on the bike. The wiring is blue/blue and black/black but the cable splice for the killswitch is kind of sketchy but its store bought.

the bike worked for like 3 seconds and then just stopped and now i cant get the engine to make the starting sound or anything when i release my clutch it just makes a rough noise and slows down to a hault.

im not to experienced with this stuff but my guesses are it could be the sparkplugged not put in properly into the new engine? maybe my carb got all guey on the inside over the winter?

i also tried using the bike a few times with out doing something with my white cable that was sticking out could that be it?

ps. i will post pictures tmrw to give some more information to you guys
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