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Default Re: Old man from France

Originally Posted by pbaudet94 View Post
Hello everybody,

I'm Patrick 45 years old, "Galet" Addict from years.

I own several "front wheel friction moped" from 1922 to end of 70's. I'm interest in finding new engines.

You can find pictures on my blog at

I have a project to adapt a 80cc flat twin (3W model plane engine) on a bike, do you already did this ? and if yes I'm interrest in the transmission system.

I have seen one cyclemotor machine with a twin engine - I dont know the displacement which had a friction wheel in between the cylinders (which pointed down along the line of the front forks). I understand it was a two stroke machine.

If you are talking about a boxer BMW style twin of that displacement - I wouldnt recommend fitting it over the front wheel like the 'solex nor would I suggest friction drive. My suggestion would be a frame mounting fore & aft with the crankshaft mated to a 90 degree angle jackshaft to either a belt drive or chain drive to the rear wheel. An 80cc engine for aero applications will have *alot* of power - maybe up to 8hp - which doesnt bode well for friction drive, neither does weight up high given the achievable speeds. The only issue with that setup is clearing the pedals.

The other option is mounting the engine with the cylinders along the frame driving through a friction clutch to a belt chain arrangement - it'd be best to see a picture of the engine before I can say much more..

Jemma xx
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