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Default Re: Crazy Speeds

I'm sure I can get over 30- only by how much is in question- someday I'm gong to put that cheap electric speedo on and see what it says- got no one to drive behind to check my speed

I have "dual" suspension- a front mountain bike style front fork and a shock seatpost on the Micargi cruiser

a 66 with a 66 carb and a billet intake give me enough power with a 36 sprocket- I don't like to open it up but I would for a bit to see what it will do- I can keep up with traffic in a 30 zone if I want so that's probably close to 35

also got a narrow 27 x 1 1/4 on the front for the roll- still thinking about putting the 27 x 1 3/8 on the back mostly for the weight and roll and then I can carry the same spare tube for both-

and it would give me at least another mph or two or more top end- a better roll and a slight mechanical advantage with a bigger wheel-
but it's running well with a 1.75 26 inch tire so I'm waiting

I also have a 32 sprock I could put on just for speed- an advantage of using a freewheel hub I think- a little easier

but to ride around town there's no need- I think it might do 40 with that but I'd lose low end torque. (that's a word I learned when Andy Granetelli was racing turbine cars back in the '60's)

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