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Default Re: Crazy Speeds

the bike BiMoPed pictured is the smoothest thing ever at top speed. as he said, we GPS'd it at 54, but i ran outta road and still coulda gone a little faster. i've drafted trucks down PCH and had a guy yell out "59!" at me once.

the bike itself is more like a small motorcycle than a bicycle, now. evrything's heavy duty, nothing rattles, and it's a thrill to ride.

there really is almost no vibration to it at all.

i've been riding the bike i built for the Death Race around lately, and it'll get up to 45 in a hurry, but it's a little more twitchy.

my very first bike, stock, with a 35t sprocket could cruise 35 all day, and after porting the intake and exhaust would hit 40 on a good day.

a bone stock engine kit with a 44 sprocket and some minor porting, head-decking, and tuning can reach 35 easy, ya just gotta know what you're doing.

as far as the safety aspect, i feel totally safe riding at 50+, even passing cars and drafting trucks.

it's always in the back of my mind that if anything goes wrong i'll be sliding (or bouncing) down the street.

all the bikes i've sold, though, don't really go over 35. i know how i can ride, but who knows what the guy i'm selling it to is capable of.
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