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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Skarrd View Post
so i still can't get the bike to run correctly! it's getting on my nerves too!

it'll run sorta good up to 1/2 throttle, then sputter at 3/4 at WOT it'll bog down almost to stalling, then suddenly catch and rev up like crazy. tried the needle at middle, 2nd to top and top notch, all with same results.
What is your carb angle?
These CNS's just don't like an angle.

Which brings me to 'what I did to my bike today'.

I have been playing with Pirates fat short CNS billet and another straight boost bottle billet and finally gave up.

I put an old 2009 crummy little short silver angled billet (ported of course) on and Bad Mojo hit her potential of putting 'power to the wheel' and hurting riders that don't respect her bite.

It wasn't me this time, it was a fellow local rider that didn't heed my warning.
He tried to show off a bit in the dirt and bit it exactly the same way I did.

He got the worst of it, but nothing broken or bleeding, used bruised and sore.
All Bad Mojo got was a scraped muffler.

This is unlike any regular MB, the NuVinci automatic tranny will trick you.
I have 75 shift points in all set to put the most power to the wheel as possible but still stay at ~5500 RPM by changing gears.

It should make quite an impression at Death Race ;-}
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